Uncontracted CHWs and Forum Approach DoH

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At least 15 uncontracted Community Health Workers (CHWs) from around Gauteng, and the Gauteng Community Health Care Forum office bearers (OBs), approached the Department of Health (DoH) on 19 October 2022. They went to the department to demand answers about the situation of the uncontracted.

“We went to security ladies, asked them can we meet with one official from DoH., the 3 security officers told us that no one is at office, they [are] working from home,” said one office bearer.

The CHWs insisted on going to “see if all offices are really closed.” The OBs found the door locked and came back to other CHWs to report back. “We decided to stand in front of the D.O.H [offices] and take photos,” said the OBs.”

The CHWs and their OBs left the offices of the DoH without meeting any officials on the day.

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