“The year 2023 marked a historic moment for the deaf community when President Ramaphosa officially declared South African Sign Language (SASL) as South Africa’s 12th official language. This was an important decision which helped service the urgent need for building a…”

“The cost of living continues to rise in South Africa, making it increasingly difficult for young people to afford basic necessities, especially food. As unemployment rates remain extremely high in South Africa, a growing number of households find themselves having…”

“September 10th is recognised as World Suicide Prevention Day. A day that is dedicated to raising awareness about issues that leads to suicide in our society. On this day this year, Ntswaki Khumalo, a social activist and a suicide survivor…”

“The ninth of August marked Women’s Day in South Africa. This iconic day, celebrates the important role women played in the anti-apartheid liberation movement. Every year on this day, the nation comes together to celebrate the brave women who stood…”

Underage drinking still remains a serious concern in working class communities.

The struggle tree highlights the struggles that the working class is currently enduring and In-depth the tree symbolises social challenges, lack of solidarity and inequality faced by the working-class communities.

The 24th Khanya College winter school which consists of 56 activists from 26 organisation around South Africa organised a silent picket outside Constitution Court at Constitutional Hill, Johannesburg.

“The Zwakala Festival is a festival of new writing. Its objective is to showcase top productions from community theatre and choose an ultimate winner. One unique play that highlighted the importance of this festival is Blacksmith. Blacksmith is a…”

“It might not seem like a classical story but Blacks Don’t Cry is a well-crafted piece of art that excels at exposing the dysfunctionality in which democratic South Africa’s working class communities lives. Though it’s told in a very complicated…”

“The Molelekis are a young couple from Mokhesi, Sterkspruit. They started organically farming vegetables during the height of Covid-19, in June 2020, after they left their 9 to 5 jobs. The Molelekis began planting vegetables using new innovative farming methods…”

Written by Thamsanqa Gxubane, this unconventional love story takes us through a crash course of psychoanalysis theory–the Oedipus Complex–unpacking the trails of suppressed memories. The play starts with a mentally unstable Mojalefa who is haunted by a confusing…

On Sunday, 30 October 2022, the 14th Jozi Book Fair became host to a powerful feminist dialogue rested on icon, Lauretta Ngcobo’s And They Did not Die.