Struggle Tree

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The struggle tree highlights the struggles that the working class is currently enduring and In-depth the tree symbolises social challenges, lack of solidarity and inequality faced by the working-class communities. Currently, the struggle tree is dull, brittle, dried up and dead. Its roots are unable to transfer life and necessary nutrients to the whole tree. The roots are the foundation of the tree, which ultimately allows the tree to thrive and be fruitful. In the current capitalistic society, the roots of the struggle tree are polluted and poisoned, causing the current state of the struggle tree. This means there is no organising at the grassroots level in communities. The tree in its current state, reflects the challenges faced by the working class.

The struggle tree does not only suffer the challenges of poisoned roots. The leaves of the tree are also affected, they have dried, and most leaves have fallen. Leaves are the lungs that keep the tree alive, this means the struggling tree is currently experiencing hopelessness and death. This symbolises a lack of movement building, social activism, and continuity in working-class communities.

At this current moment, the struggle tree symbolises death, individualism and lack of common understanding in building organisations and movements. However, using three moments of social change in building organisations and movements will help rebuild and organise the working-class community and this will then change the current condition of the Struggle Tree. The working-class communities can still come together to challenge inequality and oppression.

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