The 2022 Khanya College Political Education Program weekly WhatsApp Study Groups commences once again as of Wednesday, 14th September 2022, one month after Khanya’s 23rd Annual Winter School that occurred from the 18th July – 22nd July 2022 with the theme “Organize to remake the world”.

From 18 July 2022 to 22 July 2022, Khanya College held its 23rd Annual Winter School themed ‘Organise to Remake the World’.

Women on Farms Project (WFP) is an organisation that works with women in commercial agriculture, mainly in the Western Cape province.

People’s Health Movement (PHM) is situated in the Eastern Cape and deals with awareness campaigns, especially for communities and works with Community Health Workers (CHWs).

Carmelicia Erasmus (23) started her activism as a Community Organiser at Khanya College in February 2021 and now is a part of the staff in the Forum of Activist Journalists writing for the Karibu! which is a publication of the College.