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The Gauteng Community Health Care Forum is saddened to announce the fall of a Warrior

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“The community is riddled with a lot of social issues such as crime, violence, unemployment as well as drug and alcohol abuse. These issues have become more prominent in recent years and most of the youth have fallen victim to it…”

“while I have not yet seen the results of the COVID-19 test, I asked my facility manager if other staff members had seen theirs. She did not respond on the COVID-19 test results but said all staff members returned to…”

“As a leader of an organisation that is overwhelmingly female, Tshepo was a committed feminist and worked with female comrades with respect and as equals. In a country in which patriarchy runs through working class organisations, female comrades always felt…”

“The Presidential addresses ‘expressing concern’ will not prevent the coronavirus from killing thousands of people in working class communities across South Africa, so it is extremely important that we organise ourselves within each and every township, informal settlement and working class…”

“In order to respond to coronavirus we will need thousands if not millions of people to perform numerous tasks and actions in service of the public. South Africa currently has a large pool of unemployed people…”

” Khanya has different projects, namely the Jozi Book Fair (JBF), Forum of Activist Journalists (FAJ), and ICT, Mass Advice Day as well as Finance and Coordination departments…”

“As part of the Health Department’s plan to combat an outbreak, CHWs could play a crucial role as providers of primary health care, reaching the most remote areas where communicable…”

“…current MEC, Bandile Masuku, misled CHWs saying that by April 2020 they would sign a once-off contract and will be absorbed by the…”

“…while one of the Carers was doing her rounds, doing field work in the area on 6 February 2020, she got caught up in a shooting in one of the informal settlements around Zandspruit…”

‘I will kill you, you daughter of a witch, I’m not from KwaZulu-Natal. I will kill you if I see you in the streets’, the patient said this while spitting saliva.

“During the discussions the house heard many stories about how the Department fails to deliver health services to the…”

“The contract must be deemed illegal because the contract being performed by Merafong municipality violates the Labour Laws. It is an otherwise…”