“The second reason for the failure of the state’s public schools strategy, is the emerging grassroots movement to close schools. The temporary closure of schools or ‘break’ is a partial victory won by these movements. The protests started in Cape Town…”

“The shortage of hospital beds for Covid-19 patients is not caused by the use of alcohol, but rather a direct result of 24 years of neo-liberal austerity where we have seen massive cuts in Health Budgets. As recent as February…”

“We have to pay for our own protection, why do we have to suffer in our forefathers land? The land that they lost their lives fighting for… Is this the end of our freedom and the beginning of our sufferings…”

“When the ARO truck broke down, the CPF sent their security company to come pick up all the dirt that was collected from the area, and some of the stakeholders came to meet the reclaimers. They congratulated them on the…”

“The aim of this Forum is to create different campaigns around the boycotting of schools until the COVID-19 curve has flattened. One of the actions parents proposed was starting a Forum that demands the government must close ALL schools, provide…”

“The rest of patients were also told that they will only get their medicine without their routine check-up. Karibu! insisted to speak to one of the health care workers and was told to go to the Area Management office in Vanderbjlpark…”

“In late June; Nomsa started to experience flu symptoms such as fatigue and a runny nose but, she did not present with the main Covid-19 symptoms; shortness of breath, cough, fever and sore throat. The flu lasted for about three…”

“While the tricycle is a prototype intended to make it easier for reclaimers to move materials, it is not actually able to carry as much as reclaimers carry without it. ARO members were not consulted in the design and building…”

“Community members chose representatives to go to Eskom Palm Springs on Friday the 17th of July 2020 and came back with a report that was given early morning on the 18th. According to the report; Eskom states that residents don’t pay…”

“Equal Education has been running a campaign of nutrition, advocating for learners whose families are unable to provide for them in the lockdown. During lockdown people are not allowed to be in gatherings and most families in townships and rural…”



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