On 18 August, an organisation called Anova Health Institute visited the Palm Springs landfill site to provide voluntary HIV/AIDS testing for drug addicts that live around the area…

Residents who stay in an informal settlement next to Doornkop Ext 4 (Soweto) were marching and protesting against electricity cut-offs…

Community Healthcare Workers (CHWs) from different clinics were instructed to do screening in chosen areas during this campaign. They were picked up by buses from their different clinics (south region of Johannesburg) in the morning and returned in the afternoon.

On National Women’s Day, Sunday, 9 August 2020, 300 General Industries Workers Union of South Africa (GIWUSA) members at Natures Garden went on an indefinite protected strike. Sunday was chosen as the day of strike…

The people who are occupying the land have seen these open spaces vacant for more than 20 years. When people asked the City of Cape Town about plans for this land, they never got a clear answer…

The meeting took place at the local church where they discussed their working conditions. CHWs from all the districts in North West came to represent their clinics.

Some ministers in our Government have unashamedly used the COVID-19 pandemic to enrich themselves. Amidst the pandemics of COVID-19, capitalism, classism, racism and gender-based violence, people of faith have, for the most part, been quiet.

“It is surprising how they afford alcohol and all the other harmful substances. They believe that through alcohol they can hide their feelings especially when they are hurt. They would rather be drunk then face their problems. This eases their…”

“Apart from the abnormal working hours, there are many other reasons that make working from home difficult. Whilst you are trying to work, there are other people who are in the house making noise or children who need your attention…”

“The house had its power cut because of a massive water bill. The bill is estimated around R113 000. To force Hadebe to pay; the authorities have resorted to the strategy of cutting off electricity supply to the yard. Hadebe…”



Jozi Book Fair 2020 – Literature in the Time of COVID-19

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