Workers flood Seoul demanding their rights

Pro Government workers in Venezuela voice their opinions against US encroachment

Iranian workers marching in Tehran, workers were arrested and threats against labour unions

Protesters in Seattle, U.S march through Seattle during anti-capitalist protests

South Africa – SRWP workers of the party demonstrate

Indonesia – Workers from the The International Marxist Tendency partaking

“Caring (care work) should be a choice, something we can chose to do. But we should be able to do it without the burden of living in poverty.” Guest speaker and legendary marxist-feminist activist…


Violence against women and children has reached pandemic proportions in South Africa, and black working class women bear the brunt of it in communities and townships. A few days before the…


We lived an entirely atypical electoral process. Since the end of the military period, we have not had the political imprisonment of a leader, such as Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who was unjustly convicted…


In 1909, the Socialist Party in New York City, at the initiative of Theresa Malkiel, organised the first Women’s Day to protest women’s wage discrimination, women’s inability to vote…


A R20 saving on VAT by zero-rating cake flour and sanitary pads is not enough to protect millions of South African households from a deepening food affordability crisis. We are extremely…


The Gauteng Community Health Care Forum is an organisation that brings together Community Health Workers(CHWs) from clinics around Gauteng. CHWs are the first line of defence against HIV/AIDS…


For the past several years we have been locked into an economic framework that focuses on creating jobs through expenditures prioritising the supply-side of our economy and securing greater levels…




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