“…the maths teacher is moving too fast, trying to cover many topics at once, which makes it hard for them to comprehend. Zandile fears she might fail for the second time which will be very disappointing since her family is…”

“It was only in the early nineteen nineties, after South Africans saw themselves voting that we saw Anglo American company donate a clinic to the community of Mfidikoe. The donation was made out of their social labour plan and after…”

“The people are now happy and relieved that they will get water regularly. The taps are not as strong as the communal taps, they are temporary taps which are easy to use and safe for kids not to play around…”

“The principal had to close the school and tell the parents that the school will be closed till further notice. He asked the parents to go to the local clinic to test their children. On Tuesday the 7 July 2020 children learning at Stredfort Primary School…”

“It took the Waterdal community a short time to realise that it is only through solidarity that they can get through the difficult times as the challenges are getting worse, as the lockdown deepens, “Waterdal is an old community which…”

“We are still asking for donations from good Samaritans to help feed fellow workers and ourselves with food parcels as the government’s social grants has rules and regulations that does not address the needs of people in a pandemic…”

“There are people with chronic diseases, and they are not helped in health centres. They are told to produce the transfer letters from their countries at the health centres. The question is where and how can people…”

“I had a chance to interview some of the people and asked those looking for clothes what they were doing with what they found. Some said they were selling it to foreign nationals. Others said they were sending the clothes…

“But most parents are concerned about the safety of their children should they return to school while the coronavirus numbers are increasing daily. They pointed out that the government is failing to protect the workers who are striking…”

“At the gate when you entered every morning, the Pikitup security screened us for our temperature. This is how we managed to ensure everyone had work and also controlled the social distancing amongst the workers. The African Reclaimers Organisation (ARO)…”



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